Thursday, 24 January 2013

Two more Hare Polishes - Asteroid Turf and The Sky was Pink

So I promised to show you some more Hare Polishes - this first one is Asteroid Turf;

Asteroid Turf has a green tinted base with bright pink glitter in it - it does sound like a strange combination but it really does work well together and goes on so well, that is just two coats with a layer of Gelous and has a lovely 'jelly' consistency to it, no bumps, very smooth and even. I love this as its so unusual and definitely stands out of the crowd!

Then the next Hare Polish is The Sky was Pink;

This is a bright pink tinted base with small lavender and purple glitter in it. It's stunning and just like the other two Hare polishes I've told you about, the consistency is great - very easy to apply and this is just two coats with one coat of Seche Vite. It really takes you by surprise as it really is very pretty in the bottle but a real show stopper once its on!

I'll be moving on from Hare Polish now though to show you some other makes and some that don't even glitter too! *shock horror!*

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